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Costumes and dancing...

The Bay Area English Regency Dance Society Presents:

The Great Regency Shipwreck Ball

"Regency Survivor"

We can't get off this island, so we might as well entertain ourselves!

Caller Alan Winston with The Divertimento Dance Orchestra
Saturday June 21, 2008 8:00-11:30pm
Arlington Community Church (website)
52 Arlington Ave
Kensington, CA (map)

The Divertimento Orchestra will provide jolly music. The marooned elite, in any remaining finery, are invited to dance arm-in-arm with the ships' captain and crew. Meet up at 8PM sharp aboard the ruins for dance, drink and good company!

Come as you are, whether Passenger, Pirate, Native, Merfolk or member of Her Majesty's Royal Navy. If your wardrobe was relocated to Davy Jones' Locker during the fateful storm, fashion yourself new togs from local flora (grass skirts are all the rage among the natives!).

We've made peace with the island inhabitants and the merfolk in the bay, so we will feast with them on seafood, fresh fruits, springwater and provisions salvaged from the hold. The contribution of exotic new delicacies from forays inland are welcome - as long as you have already tried them first.

Subscriptions are $20 at the door, $15 in advance.
$2 discount for GBACG, BACDS, and COYOTE/SFCOP members.
Advance mail registrations must be received by us no later than June 18th.
Costumes admired but not required. All dances taught during the ball. No partner required.

Make out checks to "BAERS", and send them to
BAERS c/o Vanessa Schnatmeier 1122 Hudson Street Redwood City, CA 94061

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What is the English Regency? See

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Ordering Costume-Con 26 Videos

The Official Video DVDs of the Costume-Con 26 Stage Competitions are now available for order!

There are two DVDs available:

  • CC26-SIFI - Contains the Science Fiction Masquerade Event.
  • CC26-HIST - Contains the Historical Masquerade and the Dimensions In Design Event.

Each DVD is $14.00 Dollars (includes shipping). Order requests should be sent to

Eric Cannon,
6446 Abbeydale Court
Orlando, Florida, 32818.
Checks should be made payable to "Eric Cannon".

If you prefer, you may contact him at RRVORLANDO (at) MSN.COM, if you would prefer to pay via PAYPAL.
Photo Portrait by Debbie Ohi
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My first batch of Costume-Con 26 pics posted...

My first batch of Costume-Con 26 pics posted...

40 shots of Johanna dipped in latex doing "cheesecake" poses.
All of these were taken at the "Reanimated Canine" party.
(Dead Dog or closing party).

Most of the images are marked as "moderate" which means you have be logged into Flickr/Yahoo and have your safety filter set to allow you see moderate images, before you can view them.

Still to process: Around the Con, Friday Night Social, Mouse-Kerade, Precon Setup and the 1940's Bathing Beauties.
Jungleboy Transparent is down temporarily...

The Costume-Con 26 site is offline temporarily.

We're trying to create a photo storage site on a different server than our main website and the instructions we were given by the other server's host managed to hide our site from the internet.

The changes have been backed out, but it will take a while to reappear, at which point we'll start posting some show results.

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